What is RAYS?
RAYS is a confidential asset (CA) issued on top of Beam blockchain, meaning it is supported on all Beam wallet, can be exchanged in Beam wallet to any other Beam CA and to Beam (later to be supported on Beam Atomic Swap Marketplace), and can be supported on all platforms that list Beam (does not require additional tech integration).
The RAYS holders will consist of supporters from around the globe who have participated in Incentivized BeamOutreach platform.
RAYS will be awarded each month to the winners on Beam Outreach platform, the starting monthly amount to be awarded is 10,000 RAYS for ongoing activity rewards. An additional amount of RAYS will be rewarded each month for special promotions, this amount will change from time to time and eventually will be determined by RAYS holders.
A detailed explanation about the scoring system can be found here
Token Name: RAYS
Token Symbol: RAYS
RAYS smallest unit name: Flicker
RAYS smallest unit: 0.00000001 RAYS
Total Supply: 10,000,000
Explorer: https://explorer.beam.mw/assets/details/2
Explorer: https://explorer.beam.mw/assets
Issuer: Beam Foundation
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