Beam Outreach Flicker
Key to Beam Outreach is keeping track of the valuable input and efforts that are taking place. This is where the Flicker come into play. There are a number of different ways flicker can be earned.
Each month 10K RAYS will be rewarded to the active participants of the platform. 5K RAYS will be rewarded for activities that will carry a reward in the form of flicker, the total flicker for each month will determine the RAYS participant receives. The more flicker you gain compared to other members the more RAYS you get.
An additional each month we will have a community voting 5K RAYS will be awarded for the winners of the voting competition. And the reward will be broken down: 1st:40% 2nd:27% 3rd:15% 4th: 12% 5th: 6%
* In only case 3 winner the remaining allocation will be awarded equally among the 3 winners ** In case only 2 winners, the rewards will be 2,500 RAYS.
The below table, outlines the flicker per task for a variety of missions.
Tweets 20 Minimum Requirements =
- 30+ Likes
- 15+ retweets
Translation 20 What can be translated: - Beam medium posts
- Newsletters
- Articles on Beam from reputable outlets
- Beam writeups from the community
Artwork 20 Requirements:
- Original Artwork
Article 50 Requirements:
- Original content
- Beam centric
- Must share in Beam online communities (tg, discord, reddit, Twitter)
Pay in Beam Twitter 40 Requirements:
- Must provide details for the store to be added to the website to Amir
Attracting Crypto Influencers 30 Requirements:
- 'Influencer' must have minimum of 1000 followers (on platform of content)
- The content created should be liked / retweeted 100 times collectively
Video 30 Requirements: - Original content - Beam centric
Beam Outreach Bonus TBD Bonuses will be determined and set on a mission basis.
To get the flicker counted towards your total, see yourself rising to the top of the leaderboard, and fill your bags with RAYS, you have to update your process and have members vote for the stuff you promote. On top of the above, flicker are also given for voting on other members' activities.

After your plan is submitted, Beamers will go through suggesting new ideas and provide feedback for your proposal, once at least 3 tasks will be marked as completed a round of voting will take place, you will have 3 days to cast your vote (you'll get a notifications via @BeamButler).

Upvotes 100 Flickers
Vote 200 Flickers
You can see where all Outreach efforts lay in the grand scheme of things, by heading over to the Leaderboard.
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