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My name is Selasi Avonyo from Ghanna and the programs manager at Lappyfest Crypto Weekend
Posted 17/05/2022 | 00:27 AM
I propose introducing Beam to Ghana by first starting with a focused panel discussion on decentralisation and Scalability of the Beam blockchain in our upcoming Lappyfest Crypto Weekend event to over 1000 participants.

The goal of this panel discussion is to have Beam share the vision for having a blockchain that can scale to 10 billion users giving us the foundation to target notable industry people that can help push this vision forward in the region for a follow-up summit in September. Our targets are tech enthusiasts and leaders with strong affiliations with blockchain developments.

These discussions can open the door for potential fiat onramps to showcase Beam in its ecosystem and serve as a great recruitment tool for talent to help build out the technology in the region.

Success out of the panel and summit would be for Beam to provide the framework to develop an Ecosystem DAO focused on funding blockchain projects built in Ghana.

Africa with DAO representation.
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